Walls & Bridges

11am, 17 April 2016
Vineyard Amsterdam

Walls  shape our environments, defining spaces that we inhabit. They organise our thoughts and identities. However, walls can also blind us to rich opportunities outside of our comfort zones. Where are the walls in our lives? Who built them? Should they be there?  How do we bridge the spaces between these walls? Explore these questions with us in creative dialogue featuring theater, music and art!

About Quo Vadis

We are all on a journey. We are all going somewhere. Yet the question remains: where are we going? And how are we going to get there? Quo Vadis Café is a place to talk about the bigger questions of life that shape our journey. We want to explore issues like meaning, spirituality and the good life in an environment where no idea is taboo and every question can be asked. Our values are openness, the warmth of community, creativity and interaction.

Quo Vadis Café is organized by a group of Christians connected to Vineyard Amsterdam.